Andy Findlay

I've been successfully match fishing for 30 years, the first 10 of that were mostly on rivers and canals and some still waters before moving onto commercials in the late 80s.

Since then I've fished commercials exclusively and never looked back!

I've been sponsored by Preston for something like 22 years and in that time came up with many of the great fish catching ideas that anglers take for granted these days!

As for achievements, I won many big open matches on the natural venues here and in Ireland, working my way up the teams until ending with Leic Sensas in the late 80s.

As for my achievements on commercials my major successes are being a fisho mania finalist, have qualified for 2 Embassy Pairs finals aboard-Denmark and Spain, have won 4, 220 peg winter league matches at Makins in its hey day. Finished 3rd o/a in Preston UK Champs, also other placings as well as winning 2 Uk Champs matches individually. 

Presently I enjoy fishing smaller more local matches with the occasional league/ major competition thrown in and win around 50+matches a year! I'm sure my match win total to date must be 1000+ I guess!

I plan to carry on with this routine as I enjoy the friendly competition-and winning!

The ideas I've came up with over the years I think explains why I am a consultant for Preston, I enjoy the association with  the company and the modern approach they have in match fishing.

I have many favourite ways of fishing, though I guess I'm mostly known for my my results on the feeder or paste fishing, hard pellets and pole, love it!

The 2 favourite products have to be the Elasticated method feeders used with the mould (small size) and quick stops as I use them for all my hair rigging. Also Preston tool bar to hold my pole steady when fishing long.

To go with my favourite products fin 2 mms combined with 50/50 method and paste catches me 100s of pounds of fish each year and the krill fiber paste I love using on a floating feeder.