Jake Fowles

Sonu Baits Media Coordinator

At 13 years old I got into fishing, initially just for fun with friends from school Angler Jake Fowles holding a fishbut this quickly headed towards match fishing and after winning the local winter league on the Bridgewater Canal at the first attempt began competing at national level within the Warrington Anglers setup. Starting as a junior and intermediate (during which time I won both individual and team honours in various events.) As I got older I began working in my local tackle shop, learning from a lot of local anglers and adding some variation to my fishing by visiting a number of different venues both natural and commercial and competed in my first Division One national aged 16. I like to keep my fishing varied and class myself as an all-rounder with much of my fishing throughout the year taking place on natural venues in team events, however, over the last couple of years more emphasis has been placed on commercial venues, festivals and big-money qualifiers.