Zac Brown

Technical Sales Manager

Started at around age 8 on my grandad’s boat catching a Bass, this gave me Zac Brown next to fishthe bug and so my dad took me to the river Mole at Dorking Surrey. This progressed and the competitive side of me soon started to show when I started to fish the junior matches. Getting to know Steve Sanders as Michael was only a coupe of years older than me I was soon hanging around KC Angling every spare moment I had, taking in as much as I could from the likes of Steve Sanders, Steve Gardner, Tommy Hillier, etc etc

From this at the age of around 13-14 I fished my first winter league for a team called Weybridge. Soon after I joined Banstead a team that had some very good anglers at the time and probably the only team that could push Dorking for a winter league title. Whilst we did qualify for a winter league final that was a great experience to fish, unfortunately we never did manage to win the league. With Dorking poaching some of the best anglers I decided I would join Delcac after being asked for the following season. I did however manage to win my last winter league with Banstead on the mole with 30 odd lb of chub on a waggler. Something I always wanted to win, and I couldn’t think of a better way to bow out of the surrey winter league.

The Kent league was very different from the surrey as I was now fishing with the dominant force and Delcac where expected to win the league. I had some great times fishing with the Delcac squad and most are still good friends to this day. I loved the venues in Kent and in my 3rd year I only dropped 1 point over the whole series of matches. We managed to come 2ndin two winter league finals one at Furzton where I drew a good peg on a point, I had a good weight of bream on a long method around 65lb for 2nd overall and a few years later I won an individual Gold at Lindholme with 80kg ish on Bennies lake. Another team silver by 1 measly point in the 2-day final.

Now fishing for Dorking we still win our winter league or we have every year that I have fished but the team gold in the final is still elusive as we had another 2nd this year but I’m determined to get that won.