August 2022


Bringing ground-breaking products to the market is never easy, but we’ve managed to smash it out of the park with this one!!

We’ve worked extremely hard behind to scenes to ensure this product launch is our best this year. First item on the list is the Absolute Stations, these build on the monumental success of the previous Absolute range but incorporate several key upgrades which propel them into the modern age. There’s also a brand-new range of winders to accompany the launch of the Absolute seatbox range. Inter-Lok are a fully customisable range of winders and trays which can be connected to each other to create your exact requirements! 

Supera X Feeder Rods are next on the list, a truly epic range of rods that feature advanced carbon technology, low profile Minima guides and a host of other key features which all equate to a define range of rods!

Clothing has been a huge focus for this launch, waterproof suits, hoodies, and an all-new heated jacket are all set to be hugely popular! All supplied in sizes S-XXXXL.

There’s also an XL version of the popular Hardcase Pole Safe holdall. Designed to house eight Superium butt sections, this holdall has adequate space for all your poles & spares!

A new Side Tray Support Accessory arm completes the list, a product that’s set to become hugely popular thanks to its versatility and adjustable out-rigger arm.

A truly epic launch that features several game changing products, we hope you enjoy them as much as we have!

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