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Winning Pegs 6 Magazine – OUT NOW

BRAND NEW Winning Pegs Magazine Is Available NOW!

Have you got your copy of our latest Winning Pegs magazines yet? No… well you’re missing out on some of the latest tips and tricks from the Preston stars.


The Winning Pegs Magazine is available from your local Preston retailer NOW, but if you’re struggling to find a copy in your local Preston tackle shop then we’ve got you covered. Just click the link below and you can purchase one of our Winning Pegs Magazines RIGHT NOW! This magazine is FREE of charge; all you are paying for is the postage of the magazine. Once you’ve purchase the postage we will then post the magazine out to you within a couple of days so there’s no need to wait for one to arrive in your local dealer.

There’s expert advice from the likes of Tommy Pickering, Des Shipp, Lee Kerry, Andy Findlay and many more of the Preston stars. Invaluable hints and tips that will help you catch more fish and win more matches.

Here’s a few teaser images of what you can expect to see in our latest Winning Pegs magazine. We hope you enjoy it as much as we have enjoyed producing it.

We’ve got a feeling this will be a great year for Preston Innovations and we’re looking forward to bringing you more fantastic content and innovative products.

Tight Lines everyone :)

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