Monster Wandzee 7'

Th Monster 7' Wandzee is the perfect rod choice for those mega short chucks. The rod features a unqiue one piece section that can be stored (once the tip is taken out) in one piece.

The rod is perfect for any venue where a short cast is required, at just 7ft in length with 1pc and a quivertip it is set up in seconds. The rod comes into its own when fishing over the pole line or to the far bank margins on a snake lake. Perfect for carp and F1’s.

The Monster 7' Wandzee comes supplied with 3 Monster feeder tips 1oz, 1.5oz and 2oz, covering a wide range of venues and feeder weights. the short 7' length makes it perfect for casts up to 30m and will be perfect for F1's and carp up to double figures.

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P0080006 Monster Wandzee 7'